Project Partners


SOMEAT involves 14 partners from both scientific institutes (INRA, ANSES, ONIRIS, AgroParisTech) and research and development organizations of the meat sector (IFIP, ITAVI and IDELE).


ALISS UR1303 Food supply and social science; ECOPUB UMR210 public economics, GENIAL UMR1145 industrial food engineering; QUAPA UR0370 Quality of Animal Products ; MET@RISK UR1204 modelling of human dietary exposure ; TOXALIM : AXIOM UMR1331 food contaminants and analysis of their fate and effects in organisms and TCMX UMR1331 regulation of cellular detoxication and death/survival pathways in response to xenobiotics ; URA UR0083 poultry research unit.


Product residues and dyes residues unit ; Food chimical contaminants unit


LABERCA research unit is the National Reference Laboratory (NRL) regarding the analysis of various classes of residues and environmental contaminants including dioxins and PCBs.


IFIP-Institut du porc :
Meat Products division ; Breeding and herd division ; Economics Division


ITAVI - Institut Technique de l’Aviculture :
UMT Bird


IDELE - Institut de l'Élevage :

Health, Food processing procedures and meat quality division

Coordinateur du projet

Erwan ENGEL (INRA - QuaPa- Quality of Animal Products)